Microsoft announces company reorganization, Windows and Windows Phone teams join forces

Microsoft Redmond HQ

It has been rumored for a while that Microsoft was about to have a massive company-wide reorganization, and today that has come true. Just a few hours before Nokia’s big event Steve Ballmer sent out a memo which details his goal for “One Microsoft.” Ballmer wants Microsoft teams to work together better and be more focused on their new “devices and services” vision.

A new operating system group will include all things with consoles, mobile devices, and PCs. This group will be led by Terry Myserson, former head of the Windows Phone group. This reorganization is important for us because Windows and Windows Phone teams will now be working together. We can expect to see better integration, and hopefully no more “why do iOS users get this before us?!” situations.

To see all the gritty details on Microsoft’s reorganization you can read Ballmer’s memo below. What do you think about these company changes?

Steve Ballmer’s Memo

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