Nokia Lumia 1020 takes two images at once, can zoom up to 6x in video

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Nokia just made the Lumia 1020 official, and we’re getting more information about what it can do with that big camera. One of the cool things they have done is made the camera take two photos every time you tap the shutter button. These two photos are important for a couple of reasons.

The first image is a huge 38MP that can be 16:9 0r 4:3. At the same time it takes an oversampled 5MP photo. This is important because you obviously don’t want to upload a 38MP photo to Twitter or Facebook while you’re on the go. That one photo alone could eat up your data plan. The 5MP photo is for quick sharing, while the 38MP photo is for doing more serious things.

Photos have been getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so, but the Lumia 1020 can also take great video. With 1080p video you can do up to 4x zoom, and with 720p you can do up to 6x. All the things that help you get great photos are also present while taking video. Check out our previous post to find out all the specs and features of the 1020. It will be available on July 26th for $299 on AT&T.

  • rockuz

    This Nokia 1020 is one awesome camera