Path, Hipstamatic, and Flipboard will be available at launch with the Lumia 1020

path flipboard hipstamatic

Nokia just announced that a couple of new apps will be available with the launch of the Lumia 1020. Path and Flipboard will launch for Windows Phone 8, and Hipstamatic will be available on the Lumia 1020. Path is a popular mobile-only social network that has been around for a while on Android and iOS. It’s very photo-centric, which makes it a perfect match for the Lumia 1020.

Flipboard recently announced their Windows 8 app, and now Windows Phone 8 is also being worked on. Flipboard is a visually stunning news reader that allows users to create personalized “magazines.” It can be used as an RSS reader, but it’s really geared more towards curating news for you based on your interests.

Hipstamatic was announced a while ago, but it will finally launch with the 1020. The great thing about Hipstamatic is it will allow uploading to Instagram in a more official manner. We’re very happy to see Nokia pushing to get these new apps into the Windows Phone Store. The Lumia 1020 launches on July 26th, so expect these apps around then.

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