Official Vine app coming to Windows Phone 8


Today is turning into a great day for official app announcements. Earlier today Nokia announced Path, Flipboard, and Hipstamatic will be coming to Windows Phone 8 alongside the Lumia 1020. In a press release Nokia has also spilled the beans on the official Vine app coming to Windows Phone 8.

Vine is a Twitter-owned video sharing service that allows users to easily create short 6-second video clips. Currently there is a 3rd-party beta app called 6sec that allows Windows Phone users to create Vines, but an official app is always better for a platform. Nokia did not have any information on when the app will be released. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.┬áVine took a big hit after Instagram announced video support, but it’s still a great app.

The amount of time between apps being released on Android and iOS and then Windows Phone is getting shorter and shorter. Apps like Pandora and Tumblr took ages before they arrived, but newer apps such as Vine and SnapChat have promised Windows Phone apps much quicker. Momentum is a great thing.

[via Nokia]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Well at least now there is another one coming, even if it’s dying now.

  • vlad

    This is extremely exciting, windows phone is a great platform that deserves all the apps ios and android have, this will certainly be an awesome experience with windows phone because of live tiles which android and ios lack. I’m pumped for the releases!!