Buy the Nokia Lumia 1020 through Microsoft and get a free camera grip


One of the cool things about the Nokia Lumia 1020 is that not only does it have a DSLR-quality camera, but it has an accessory that makes it even feel like a real camera. The crazy looking thing above is the Nokia camera grip accessory for the Lumia 1020. This accessory serves two purposes for the phone. 1) it provides 1020 mAh of battery power to help you make it through a long photo session, and 2) it gives you that good solid grip that real cameras all have.

Unfortunately the camera grip is a little pricey at $80 on top of the already pricey $300 Lumia 1020. Microsoft has a great deal for you if you’re interested in the camera grip. On Tuesday, July 16th, when pre-orders begin simply order your 1020 from Microsoft instead of AT&T and you will receive a free camera grip. A limited amount of free grips will be given away, so make sure to order quickly. Anyone out there looking to snag this deal?


[via Pocketnow]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Not a bad deal. I mean the phone is already expensive, a free cover makes it all easier to swallow.

  • Vincent Bell

    My 920 is not that old. I almost have oldest son talked into getting a newer Surface Pro, when it hits, for college. He told me yesterday, that if he get the Pro, he wants a Lumia, so they will work with each other. My thought is, give him my 920, and I pick up the 1020. Sounds like a great trade off, if I am paying for his college.