Path for Windows Phone 8 screenshots and hands-on [Video]

Path for WP8

One of the new apps that Nokia announced at their Lumia 1020 event yesterday was Path. Path is an interesting social network that is built to help you keep a “path” of your life. You can think of it like a social journal. It’s an interesting service, but it hasn’t really caught on like Twitter or Facebook. One of the reasons why is because it’s mobile-only. In order to use Path you need the app.

Yesterday Path shared some more information about what the Windows Phone 8 app will look like. The photo above shows a screenshot that Path released to show what they have built so far. Engadget was able to get hands-on with Path running on a Lumia 1020. Watch the video below to see it in action.

How many Path users do we have out there? Perhaps a better question would be how many people want to be Path users?

[via Path]

  • The loading part was a bit ugly. You could see the gradient for the cover photo before the actual picture loaded.