ending support for Google Talk and other 3rd-party chat services


It’s a sad day for Windows Phone users that rely on Google Talk., one of the best chat apps for Google Talk users, has announced they will no longer be supporting 3rd-party chat services. In a blog post they explain how using 3rd-party services has made it hard for them to guarantee fast and reliable service. Wrestling with those other services was taking time away from developing cool new features, so they have decided to ditch them altogether.

Starting August 15th you will no longer be able to message Google Talk or Facebook Chat contacts with Chat and SMS to contacts will continue to work. One look at the comment section on the blog post and you’ll see how Windows Phone users feel about this decision. There are very few quality apps for Google Talk and Facebook Chat available in the Windows Phone Store. As a user I am sad to see this functionality disappear. What IM app do you use?

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Well… here comes an unstoppable series of uninstalls.