Microsoft slashes Surface RT price to $349 to boost sales


It’s no mystery that Surface RT hasn’t been selling very well, and it’s not a surprise to anyone. From day one it has been a confusing device for consumers. It looks and acts like a Windows device, it even runs a form of Windows, but yet users aren’t able to install the apps they are used to having. Instead they are stuck with a new form of Windows Store apps. The device itself is beautiful, but the product as a whole is just confusing to consumers.

In an effort to entice more people to try Surface RT, Microsoft is slashing prices on all models. This comes after Microsoft ran a promotion that gave away free Touch and Type Covers with every model sold. The 32GB model is now just $349, and the 64GB model is $449. Add another $100 if you want a Touch Cover. $349 for the base model puts Surface RT in the same price category as the iPad Mini. A Surface can sure do a lot more, but it’s still a tough sell.

Does anyone plan on picking up a Surface RT with these new prices?

  • Maybe put the Surface Pro at this price! I’d buy two!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Yeah I think $350 still won’t make this guy fly off the shelves.

  • Vincent Bell

    If you take this product and place it with Apple it would be called the iPad. RT and the iPad both run apps designed for them. Neither of them runs the full OS. The News media can not comprehend this, and continues to hammer Microsoft. I prefer the Pro to the RT, due to my usage of it. The RT has fantastic growth potential in schools, and MSC needs to jump on this even more.