‘Translucent aluminum’ smartwatch being tested by Microsoft Surface team

microsoft watch

It seems that every week there is a new rumor about one of the big companies working on a smartwatch. Usually it’s Apple or Google, but today Microsoft has entered the ring. The Verge has learned that Microsoft is prototyping devices with the Surface team. Previously they were testing devices with the Xbox accessory team. This news could indicate a change in functionality, and the existence of the “Surface Watch.”

AmongTech reports that the device has a Surface connector, and a 1.5-inch display. The prototype includes removable wrist bands in a variety of colors for easy personalization. The watch itself is said to be made out of Oxynitride Aluminum, a translucent material that is three times harder than glass. As far as the OS goes, Microsoft is reportedly testing a modified version of Windows 8 to run on the watch.

These rumors have certainly peaked our interest, and they appear to come from reliable sources. What are your thoughts on a “Surface Watch?” Do you want Windows 8 on your wrist?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Wow… translucent? It would be nice to see what that would be like.

  • Vincent Bell

    Very nice. A lot of promise.