SwapChat removed from Store, paves the way for official SnapChat app

swapchat screens

The first unofficially official¬†app has bit the dust. SwapChat, an excellent 3rd-party SnapChat app, has been removed from the Windows Phone Store. This is due from a copyright complaint from SnapChat. If you have SwapChat installed you will be able to continue using it, but don’t uninstall the app or it will be gone forever.

SRC Apps, the developer behind SwapChat, points out on Twitter that this copyright complaint is not about the name. In the past apps like Instance (formerly Itsdagram) have been asked to change their names, but SwapChat claims this complaint is about the unauthorized API use. SRC Apps says that they guess this move by SnapChat is to pave the way for the official app. All we can do now is wait and see when it arrives.

[via Twitter]

  • boo


  • Lawyers Suck

    Snapchat devs you suck. Get your act together and port the damn thing already rather than wasting time with lawyers to get it removed from the store.

  • Nazman

    Wish it stayed :(