Unofficial Vine app, 6sec, now available in Windows Phone Store


About a month we showed off a beta Vine app called 6sec. Since then an official Vine app has been announced, but it could be a while before it’s released. Just in time to make the wait easier, 6sec has been released in the Windows Phone Store. This is the app that allows users to create and upload Vines.

6sec by Rudy Huyn is the first Windows Phone app that allows users to create and upload Vines. A Vine is a 6-second video that can easily be shared. It’s like Instagram for video…except Instagram has video now. Since we last showed off 6sec the app has received almost constant updates and improvements. You can do everything an official Vine app can do, plus more.

Rudy has actually built-in some features that the official Vine app could use. For example, in 6sec you can set manual focus, use a grid for centering shots, and even remove the last bit of video you recorded. 6sec is free and available for Windows Phone 8. If you don’t have a Vine account you can create one with the app. Enjoy!

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