Zombie HQ for Windows Phone is a zombie-killing good time [Video]


Zombies. It seems you can’t turn on your TV anymore without seeing those popular un-dead figures limping around. Naturally zombies have made their way to mobile gaming, and Windows Phone is no exception. Zombie HQ is one of the better zombie games available, so I decided to check it out. Every zombie I kill, I do it for you, the reader.

Like many zombie games, Zombie HQ takes place during some kind of zombie infestation. As the game begins you can choose to be a male or female character, then you are transported to your headquarters. The headquarters acts as a sort of game menu. Here you have access to the map, missions, weapon store, and other things. After every mission you go back to the headquarters to recuperate.


The missions can be anything from “kill this big zombie” to “escort these civilians to safety.” Completing missions earns you money and gold to spend on things in the store, or to save yourself when you die. Missions have varying difficulties, but you can choose to do the ones you would like first. As you complete missions you also unlock more missions to do.

Controls are pretty standard for a game like this. A joystick is present in the bottom left, and a fire button joins a weapon selector and grenade button on the right. Moving around is simple enough, and a nice touch is auto aim which make killing zombies much easier. Certain areas of the game light up to signify importance, and these usually help you complete missions. I was never running around thinking “now what do I do?”

Zombie HQ is a really fun shoot-em-up game. The graphics and sound effects are very high quality. The cit scenes make you feel like you’re playing something more than just a mobile game. Perhaps the best thing of all is that Zombie HQ is completely free. You can purchase things in the store with real money, but it is not required. Zombie HQ is a bloody fun time that we highly recommend.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I am actually going to check this game out. Looks fun.