Top 5 Missing Windows Phone Apps (Revisited)


Last year we compiled a list of the top five apps still not available for Windows Phone. Since then a lot of new apps have been released, and several from our list. The last few months have been great for app releases and updates, but there is still some work to be done. It is time to revisit our list.

The five apps we listed last time were Dropbox, Hulu Plus, Instagram, Pandora, and YouTube. Three of those apps have been released since then, however YouTube was pulled and we’re still waiting for the new version. We will start our new list with the two remaining apps.


This uber popular photo app has a lot of lovers and a lot of haters, but one thing is for sure: people use the heck out of this app. Instagram is so powerful that there are many people who don’t use Windows Phone just because this one app is not present. Currently there are some good 3rd-party alternatives, but an official app is needed.


Dropbox has over 100 million users, which means there are probably a lot of Windows Phone users waiting for this app. Dropbox is widely considered to be the best cloud storage service with many features and apps on practically every platform. Of course one platform that they don’t have is Windows Phone. SkyDrive is a great cloud storage app, but Windows Phone needs more options.


This fun and addictive photo sharing app hasn’t been around very long, but it has become super popular. Windows Phone users have been left on the sidelines as they watch Android and iOS have all the fun. Just this week the best 3rd-party SnapChat app was pulled from the Store. Maybe the official app is coming soon?


First described as “Reddit for girls,” Pinterest has become one of the most popular websites on the internet. It’s much more than just a way to save recipes and DIY projects, it’s a way to create your own personal board of things you like. Pinterest currently has Android and iOS apps, but nothing for Windows Phone, and they haven’t said anything about it.


Feedly has become the go to service for replacing Google Reader. Luckily the best Google Reader app we have, Nextgen Reader, has Feedly integration. So technically we don’t need an official Feedly app, but for everyone that likes Feedly it’s important to have all the platforms covered.

That’s the list! I have to mention that making this list was a lot harder than last time. I asked several Phandroid editors what apps they would miss, and it took a surprisingly long time for them to think of one. The app situation is getting better all the time. What apps would you add to this list?

  • Rico

    I don’t miss not one of them lol
    but all of people is missing for sure

  • Boas Andreasen

    i miss snapchat and pinterest…

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    I’d love to see Pocket Casts and MLB At Bat apps come to the Windows Phone store. The PODCASTS! app is a good alternative to Pocket Casts though. With more time w/PODCASTS! I may be able to live w/o Pocket Casts.