Where to pre-order the Nokia Lumia 1020

lumia 1020 production

The Nokia Lumia 1020 sweepstakes are officially open! Grand prize: the best smartphone camera ever made. In the last 24 hours the Lumia 1020 has gone up for pre-order at several places. So far we haven’t heard of the device being sold out, but it could happen at any point. If you want a Lumia 1020 before everyone else you should pre-order soon.

Here are the three places running Nokia Lumia 1020 pre-orders right now.

  1. AT&T ($299, all colors)
  2. Microsoft ($299, all colors, free camera grip)
  3. Best Buy ($299, all colors)

Pre-order now from AT&T and you will receive the device on July 23rd (three days before official release). Best Buy says you will receive the phone when they are in stock, and they list July 26th as release date. Microsoft does not give an estimated arrival time, but they are offering a free camera grip. Has anyone pre-ordered the device yet? Where are your ordering it from?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Cool deal from Microsoft. I wonder if they give you the grip if you buy the phone off-contract.

  • They don’t.

  • Edgar Cervantes


  • Just preordered mine off contract. Camera Grip also included.