Nokia now sells more Lumias than BlackBerry sells phones


Oh, how the tables have turned. Nokia has released their financial results for this quarter, and the news is mostly positive. Nokia sold a record 7.4 million devices in Q2. That is up from 5.6 million the previous quarter, which was also a record high at the time. Nokia is now selling more Lumia devices than Blackberry is selling phones.

In Q1 Blackberry edged Nokia by .4 million, but in Q2 Nokia finally took the lead by a healthy .6 million. If Nokia alone is outselling Blackberry, Windows Phone is very secure in that third place spot. Nokia device sales have risen in every quarter since Windows Phone 8 was released, however not all is good news.

While Nokia device sales continue to rise in total, their North America presence continues to be minimal. Of the 7.4 million devices sold last quarter only .5 million were from North America. That is less than 7% of their total sales. It’s great that Nokia is doing so well in the rest of the world, but if they need the U.S. if they want to be taken seriously. overall a good day from Nokia, but it could be better.

LumiaBB chart

[via The Verge]

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