Windows Phone How To: Close apps

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For some reason people just love closing apps. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re on, people always seem to ask “how do I close apps?” Windows Phone is no exception, and the answer is not as straight forward as you ¬†might think. Let’s take a look at how Windows Phone manages running apps, and how you can control them.

Like most modern operating systems, Windows Phone is designed to be able to run multiple apps without any user management. This means you can open as many apps as you want, and the phone won’t get bogged down. When you do try to open up too many apps the phone will automatically tombstone old apps to save memory. This all happens in the background.

Some people think that apps shown in the multitasking screen are “running,” but there are many background tasks happening that aren’t shown on that screen. The Facebook app might not be listed on your multitasking screen, but it is still looking for notifications in the background. You can, however, control what apps appear in the multitasking screen. Don’t want to see an app in multitasking? Just hit the back button to leave the app.

As I mentioned above, there are background processes running for most apps. You can control these processes individually in the phone settings. To do so open up the Settings app and swipe over to Applications, then tap on Background Tasks. This is a list of all the apps on your phone that can run in the background. Simply tap on an app and select Block to prevent it from running in the background.

By using the back button and background task manager you can semi-control what apps are running. Windows Phone manages these things very well without any user input. You aren’t required to do any of this, and if you don’t your phone will still run just fine. Sometimes it’s best to just let things do what they are designed to do.

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