Get your paintbrush, Fresh Paint is now available for Windows Phone 8

fresh paint

Microsoft’s popular Windows 8 app, Fresh Paint, has finally made the transition over to Windows Phone. Earlier today the app arrived in the Store for artists and doodlers alike to put their creative ideas on digital paper. Fresh Paint is an awesome app that accurately mimics what it’s like to use real paint and painting tools on canvas. The Windows Phone app adds a few other things, as well.

With Fresh Paint you get a variety of tools and an infinite amount of paint colors at your disposal. There are four different tools to choose from, and each can be adjusted in size. There is a paint mixing area that allows you to make your own colors, or do some cool things with gradients and shading. While painting you can tap the fan icon to dry what you have already painted, if you don’t the colors will smear (I told you it’s realistic).

fresh paint 2

The Windows Phone app also has lens functionality built-in. If you launch the app from the camera you can apply filters to photos, and see the effect in real time. It’s a nice little touch for the phone app. Fresh Paint is available now for free on Windows Phone 8 devices. Put on a paint shirt and get started!

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