New Instagram for Windows Phone app has video uploading


Rudy Huyn, the developer behind 6sec, has turned his attention to Instagram. 6sec is the only unofficial app that allows users to upload videos to Vine, and now he is taking that same idea to Instagram. There are a couple great unofficial Instagram apps, such as Instance, but none allow creation of Instragram’s new 15 second videos. Rudy hopes to change that with 6gram.

6gram is Rudy’s latest project, and it borrows a lot from 6sec. In the video below Rudy shows off 6gram in its early stages (still some 6sec branding present), and he creates a video and uploads it to Instagram. Even in its early stage the app performs almost perfectly. The one thing that seems to be missing is filters for videos, but I think we can live without that. Rudy has also shown off his very attractive logo for 6gram (seen above).

Much like 6sec, Rudy will utilize in-app purchases to unlock certain functionality. $1.49 will enable unlimited uploads, and $1.29 will remove ads from the app. Rudy hopes to submit the app next weekend. We will be patiently awaiting this promising app.

[via Twitter]

  • rockuz

    Rudy is an awesome developer.

  • alajarvela

    6tagram, not 6gram

  • wpuser69

    Let me guess, Windows Phone 8 only? Sigh..