Nokia announces affordable Coloud Boom, Knock, and Pop headsets

coloud headphones

Nokia has worked with accessory manufacturers in the past to create great companion products for Lumia phones. The biggest partnership was with Monster to create the premium Purity Pro headsets (our full review). Today Nokia has announced a new line of headsets that aim to be much more affordable than the Purity line.

Zound Industries has created a new line of headsets under the Coloud brand that fit perfectly with Nokia’s Lumia devices. They have announced three different models of headsets. First up is the Boom, with large padded ear pads that reduce all sound from the outside world. Next is the Knock, a slimmed down version of the Boom. It utilizes cans, like the Boom, but is not as padded. Last is Pop, a pair of in-ear headphones.

All three of these headsets comes with Zounds’ innovative lasso, which makes keeping your cords from getting tangled much easier. All three will come in Nokia’s classic cyan, red, and yellow array of colors. The BoomKnock, and Pop will be available in September for €27, €22, and €18 respectively. There is no word on availability here in the US.

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    That’s what I need an affordable headsets.