Apple purchases HopStop, immediately kills Windows Phone app


It appears Google is not the only company picking on Windows Phone any more. Apple recently purchased HopStop, an online city transit guide, to improve their Maps application. That’s nothing we would usually report on, except that HopStop has a Windows Phone app. Or should I say had a Windows Phone app.

After purchasing HopStop, Apple almost immediately removed the app from the Windows Phone Store, and any mention of the app on HopStop’s website. Did they remove the Android app? Nope, just Windows Phone. Users are now being told to use the mobile website to receive directions.

We can’t be sure about Apple’s motives, but the one thing we know is that consumers are the ones getting the raw deal. For Apple to selectively remove the Windows Phone app, but leave the Android app, feels like a slap in the face. Telling people to use the mobile site when a perfectly fine app has been available for years just seems like intentional rudeness. Apple and Google are finally in a position to pick on Microsoft, and they are doing it with every chance they get.

[via WindowsObserver]

  • yanivc

    Apple sucks! It just shows you that they too are concerned that soon enough WP will be knocking down their doors. No problem I say….. Office for Mac??? Whats that? I say block apple from office software and you’ll see apple die within 2 years!