Fresh Paint is the most realistic painting app ever [Video]

Yesterday Microsoft finally released Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8. Fresh Paint has been on Windows 8 since the public previews, and it has become one of the most popular apps in the Windows Store. You’ve probably seen it a few times in Windows 8 commercials. Now that it’s finally available for Windows Phone we had to take a look at it.

Like its Windows 8 brother, Fresh Paint for Windows Phone is an awesome app. It is the most realistic painting app I have ever used. You start out with a blank canvas, or on an existing photo. From there you can choose one of four different painting tools, and adjust the size of the brushes. On the same screen you can choose what color you would like, and here’s where it gets fun.

fresh paint 2

There are 12 default colors and a color wheel, or you can make your very own color. Above the brushes is a paint mixing area that allows you to grab paint and mix it around. You can use this to create new colors, or get several colors on your brush at once. Just like real life painters do.

Once you’re painting the realism shows through with wet paint. If you try to paint over something that you already painted it will smear. To counteract this there is a drying button that will quickly dry anything on the canvas. It’s a really cool tool that makes me feel like Bob Ross every time I use it.

Fresh Paint is a super fun app for just doodling or doing some serious art work. That’s the beauty of it. No matter what you do with the app it feels like you’re making a work of art. Fresh Paint is available for Windows Phone 8 devices for free. Also check out Fresh Paint for Windows 8 for a little bigger canvas of possibilities.

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