Walmart now offering Microsoft Surface RT and Pro

surface walmart

If you’re in the market for a Microsoft Surface tablet they just got a lot easier to buy. Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, is now carrying Surface RT and Pro in stores and online.¬†Microsoft never formally announced this, so we’re not sure when it exactly happened. Being available at such a huge chain is a very good thing.

Walmart has the 32GB Surface RT, 64GB Surface Pro, 128GB Surface Pro, Touch Cover, and Type Cover all on sale online, plus in some stores. The Surface RT the new $350 price tag, or $450 with a Touch Cover. The 64GB Pro is $900, while the 128GB version is $1000. Buying the Touch and Type Covers separately will cost you $119 and $129 respectively. Walmart does say that supplies are limited. These prices are really no different from what everyone else is offering, but it is another option.

Has anyone seen Surface tablets in Walmart retail stores? Did you pick one up?

Microsoft Surface RT  32 GB

Microsoft Surface Pro 64 GB

Microsoft Surface Pro 128 GB

Thanks everyone!

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