Early Nokia Lumia 1020 reviews are high on camera performance, still low on Windows Phone


Here come the Lumia 1020 reviews. Late last night the embargo lifted on the Lumia 1020, and several of the large tech sites published their reviews (ours will be coming later). The initial response has been mixed to say the least. People seem to love the camera, but it’s every thing else that is making the device a tough sell.

“There are plenty of compelling Windows Phone 8 options, from the gorgeous 925 to the feature-packed 1020, but they can’t change the fact that Windows Phone 8 itself just isn’t that compelling.”

The same old Windows Phone complaints are rearing their heads once again. The criticism of not enough apps is as old as Windows Phone itself, and we hear it every time a new device is launched. Despite being called by many the “best Windows Phone ever” the 1020 did not escape the app problem.

“While Windows Phone has come a long ways since its days as a nascent OS, Android and iOS users — many of whom likely content with the selection of apps and services currently offered to them — will need to weigh the pros and cons carefully.”

A new complaint that we’ve never heard about a Windows Phone device is the price. Usually Nokia undercuts everyone with $100 or $50 flagship devices, but with the 1020 they went up to $300. You can argue that the big price tag is worth it considering what you get, but that’s still a tough sell to the Average Joe that walks into an AT&T store.

 “Are the people who do consider switching to Windows Phone in order to get their hands on the Lumia 1020′s amazing camera willing to pay $299.99?”

The sell gets even tougher when they have to switch away from the familiar Android or iPhone.

“A niche device, the Lumia 1020 is $100 pricier than most high-end smartphones.”

A niche device is exactly what the Lumia 1020 is. People who are passionate about photography will know that $300 is a good price for what they are getting. People who don’t care about photography will see a phone that’s $100 more than the Galaxy S4.

“The Windows Phone Market is getting bigger all the time, but developers still generally look to Google and Apple first, and that means that, while Microsoft’s platform is gaining in big-name titles, it’s usually with a delay from their appearance elsewhere.”

And then there are the reviews from people who don’t even know that the Windows Phone Store has never been called the “Windows Phone Market”, and it hasn’t been called the “Windows Phone Marketplace” since WP8 was announced. It’s annoying when reviewers do things like this, but ultimately their knowledge of Windows Phone does not affect whether the device is good or bad.

Overall, I think the reviews are mostly positive. The app problem continues to be a sticking point for most of the reviews, and while I may be tired of hearing it, it certainly still is true. Whether we like it or not, when someone buys a phone with an amazing camera like this and they can’t download an official Instagram app that is a problem. The good news is that every agrees the app situation is getting better.

How do you feel about the initial reviews for the Lumia 1020? Are they fair? Have the reviews changed your decision to buy the Lumia 1020? Let us know in the comments!

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