Leaked photo reveals first look at Nokia’s 6-inch Lumia phablet


If something gets rumored enough chances are it’s going to eventually come true. That is exactly what’s happening with the Nokia’s alleged Lumia phablet. We’ve heard many rumors about Nokia making a phablet (phone+tablet, usually over 5-inches), but we’ve never seen anything to back it up.

Today a leaked photo reveals what appears to be a large 6-inch piece of display glass for a Lumia phone. We can clearly see the Nokia logo up top and the three Windows Phone buttons along the bottom. By the size of the logo compared to the entire display, and by the size of the holders hands, it’s obvious that this is a very large piece of glass. The Verge says that Nokia is indeed working on a 6-inch Lumia device.

It would appear that a Nokia phablet is inevitable. What are your thoughts on a Windows Phone device of this size? Yay or nay?

[The Verge via WPDang]

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