T-Mobile Lumia 925 and 521 on sale for free this weekend


The Nokia Lumia 925 hasn’t even been on sale for two weeks and it’s already getting a price drop. In fact, T-Mobile is dropping the price on almost all phones this weekend. Also included in the slashed prices is the Lumia 521. Neither of these phones were particularly expensive when they launched (the 925 was only $50), but a sale is always welcomed.

Beginning tomorrow, Saturday 27th. the phones will be available for absolutely free for a limited time. Exactly how “limited” the time will be was not specified. The price of the phones may be free up front, but you are still required to pay the price of the phone over 24 months. That works out to $20 per month for the 925, and $5 per month for the 521.

Be sure to hit up T-Mobile online or in retail stores this weekend to catch this deal. Does anyone plan on picking up a Lumia 925 or 521? The Lumia 925 may be the most attractive Windows Phone available. I’m jealous of you T-Mobile customers.

[via Neowin]

  • sonofabit

    total BS, it’s $22 a month for the 925, so there are no savings and the phone sure as hell isn’t “free”