Best Windows Phone apps and games from the month of July


It’s that time of the month for another round-up of the best apps and games to launch in the last 31 days. This month was heavy on the app releases, but not so much on the games. The one game on our list is a doozy. The summer is winding down, but app releases don’t seem to be. Check out our list below (ordered by name), and see our previous months to make sure you haven’t missed any apps.


6sec by Rudy Huyn is the first Windows Phone app that allows users to create and upload Vines. The best compliment we can give 6sec is that the official app probably won’t be this good. You can do everything an official Vine app can do, plus a lot more. 6sec is awesome.

Fresh Paint

fresh paint 2

Microsoft’s popular Windows 8 app, Fresh Paint, has finally made the transition over to Windows Phone. FreshPaint is one of the most realistic painting apps we’ve ever used. Paint acts like actual paint, and the brushes work like actual brushes. There is even a button to dry the paint.

Hipstamatic Oggl

hipstamatic oggle

Hipstamatic was announced a long time ago, and it finally arrived this month. Where Instagram uses “filters” Hipstamtic uses “lenses and films” to replicate photos from actual cameras.  It’s really fun to find that perfect combination of lens and film to give your photo an awesome look.


iHeartRadio is not new to Windows Phone, but it is new to Windows Phone 8. The new app is completely redesigned and much nicer to use and look at. Some of the new features include recommended stations, sleep timer, lockscreen album art, bookmarking, and more.


Hello, and welcome to Moviefone. This classic movie-finding service finally arrived for Windows Phone this month. The app, like Fandango or Flixster, will help you find theaters, movies, trailers, and movie showtimes.

NBC Today


NBC has released ‘Today,’ an app for their morning news show. With the app you never have to wake up early to catch the show on TV. You can browse videos and news stories from the show, and even have the app read for you. NBC has been releasing nice apps, and Today is no exception.


NewsSpot is certainly not a new app, but with Google Reader shutting down it has made some changes. Most RSS apps have switched to Feedly, but NewsSpot decided to go with NewsBlur. The functionality of the app remains the same, but you will need to set up a NewsBlur account.


Redbox is a popular movie renting business that you may have seen inside a Walmart. They have kiosks at many businesses across the country that rent out movies and video games. The Redbox app will help you find those locations, and even reserve copies until you pick them up.

Halo: Spartan Assault

halo spartan windows

Halo: Spartan Assault brings the excitement of Halo combat to touch-based devices for the very first time. It took a long time for Microsoft to bring their most popular console game to mobile, but the wait was worth it. This console-quality game is only available on Verizon devices right now.


TextNow gives you completely free and unlimited texting directly from your computer or phone. When you sign up, you are assigned a dedicated phone number with the area code of your choosing. You can use this number to send and receive unlimited texts within USA and Canada.


Another app that is not new, but received a major update is WhatsApp. Some of the features in this update include the ability to initiate voice calls from within the app, fixed notifications for users, fast resume, and much more. Definitely go get this update if you haven’t already.

Where’s my app?

wheres my app

If you’re a convert from Android or iOS you will appreciate this app. Where’s my app? is an app that will help new users find the apps they used on other platforms. When you search for an app a list of results will appear. It will show you if the app is available, not available, or has good alternatives. Very handy.

YouTube Upload

It is impossible to upload a video to YouTube from a Windows Phone device. Nokia found this unacceptable, especially with devices that have awesome cameras, like the Lumia 1020. To combat this problem they released YouTube Upload. It does exactly what the title suggests.

That’s a wrap for July! It might not have been the app-palooza that May and June were, but some really nice apps arrived this month. What were your favorites? Did we miss any?

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