Hipstamatic Oggl causing phone reboots and other issues after latest update

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Last Friday the long-awaited app, Hipstamatic Oggl, finally arrived for Windows Phone 8 devices. We gave it a super quick hands-on treatment, but later after using the app more we discovered quite a few problems with the app. Over the weekend Hipstamatic received an update, but unfortunately it has created even more issues. According to user reviews the problems are widespread.

Right now Hipstamatic has around 150 reviews in the Windows Phone Store, and a decent 3-star rating. However if you go and actually read some of these reviews you’ll see how many people are having major problems with the app. Before the update that arrived yesterday (7/28) the app was running slowly on our HTC 8X, but it did work well enough. After the update is a different story.

At first it seemed the update improved performance, but then my phone randomly rebooted while I was using the app. At first I didn’t think anything of it. My 8X is pre-production model from Microsoft, and it occasionally reboots itself. Once my phone was ready again I opened Hipstamatic and in a few seconds my phone rebooted again. It was time to check out the Store reviews.

In the Store many users are complaining about two main issues: the rebooting after using the app, like I experienced, and downloaded gears not saving. Gears are lenses and films that can be downloaded in the app. Many users are reporting that the downloaded gears disappear once they restart the app. Most of the users affected by rebooting appear to own HTC phones.

Hipstamatic is a new Windows Phone developer, so we can cut them a little slack. An update needs to come out soon to address these problems. I literally can’t use the app at all right now. That sucks. Have any of you been experiencing any issues with Hipstamatic Oggl? Let us know below!

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