Nokia frustrated with lack of Windows Phone apps, says by year end few will be missing

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Windows Phone users and critics have been talking about the lack of apps since day one, but it turns out they aren’t the only ones frustrated. As many have guessed, Nokia is also getting restless with the lack of app support for Windows Phone. The familiar “this device is awesome, but there are no apps” comment that most Lumia devices receive is starting to get old, and Nokia would like Microsoft to do something about it.

Nokia VP of App Development, Bryan Biniak, says Nokia is trying to change the cultural thinking at Microsoft to move faster. “We are releasing new devices frequently and for every device, if there is an app that somebody cares about that’s not there that’s a missed opportunity of a sale,” says Brian. He goes o to say that Microsoft’s end-of-year targets don’t help when he is trying to sell devices right now.

As everyone who has ever said “Nokia should switch to Android” can attest to, Brian says “It’s not just about the hardware, it’s about the tools that are on the hardware. You can’t sell a phone without the apps, you just can’t.” It’s clear that Brian, and Nokia as a whole, is frustrated with the lack of app support. However, Nokia did have some good things to say about apps.

Brian spoke about the conversations Nokia has with developers to bring apps to Windows Phone. He says in the past it was always about “if” the app would come, but now it is a matter of “when.” “By the end of the year, there’ll be very few, if any key applications that aren’t in the development pipeline… or published,” says Brian. Positive words indeed. Do you agree with Brian?

[via The Verge]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    We will see…. Let’s hope this situation gets better.

  • Charles

    How bout bringing up that 1% of Android devices are riddled with 5 or more malware problems? How about mentioning that. Random people getting access to their phone snagging passwords, dowloading/purchasing apps, collecting information about you. Do we want to rush Microsoft so that it turns into an OS riddled with Malware like Android or even Apple now a days. Its ridiculous how naive people are. I don’t care if Fred and Joe want what they want, if Microsoft abandons thier principles on security with Mobile, Enterprises are going to continue thier BYOD to avoid legal entanglements and Microsoft will lose its advantage in the Market. Microsoft gets paid (typically half the Windows Phone OS license fee) for every Android device out there. What would be their motivation to corrupt thier OS by getting anxious and letting apps in without inspection or proper development cycles? These articles are lame.

  • Mike E. Delta

    Wow, I didn’t know Microsoft was not making all the apps…yeah, they should totally just hurry up and make them all already! Right, Nokia? Why don’t YOU make some apps, it’s SO easy… =

  • RockMarz

    youseemed riddled

  • Gardenol

    problem is, they’ve said that before. that they are gaining applications faster then ios and android then when those 2 first started and blah blah blah, but it never went anywhere. I think third party developers though just honestly don’t give a crap about windows phone since its market share is so minuscule. on third party end, it’s not worth the time and effort for so little possible profit. Even some of the apps that they do have don’t even run efficiently on even the lumia 920, noting antutu benchmark. it just force closes when you try and run it.

    that being said having 900k apps or so doesn’t mean jack if only like 50k or so are actually worth anything.

  • Rocky Mtn High

    How many apps does one person need. Jesus, there’s plenty out there to function and do anything you need them to do, in an already app saturated society. It’s becoming like so-called reality TV. Shit, you can’t turn anything on the tube anymore without it being “reality” driven, well you can’t download apps without there already being something exactly like it, or similar to it.