Nextgen Reader bumped to version 5.1, adds new theme and article view


Our favorite RSS reader for Windows Phone 8, Nextgen Reader, has received a very nice update today. Last time we wrote about Nextgen was when they implemented Feedly support. The next (see what we did there?) order of business is to button-up the design. Nextgen has always been a very attractive app, but now it looks even sharper.

In version 5.1 of Nextgen Reader we get a new theme and article view. The new theme, seen above, is called “Slate.” It uses a softer dark grey background and your accent color for small elements. The article view now has some new settings. You can set the font type, font size, and text alignment. It also pre-loads the next article so you don’t have to wait when flipping through stories.

Next Matters, the developer behind Nextgen, is constantly working on making the best app possible. We always praise Nextgen Reader for being one of the best apps available on the platform, and this is a big reason why. Nextgen Reader can be yours for $1.99 or free trial.

Full Changelog

  • New gorgeous “Slate theme” for comfortable reading.
  • New article view design (preload next/previous items for faster reading)
  • New font style and text alignment options (via appbar menu -> view settings).
  • New: Set open method per feed (e.g. summary or full article).
  • New: Remember list style per feed (e.g. headline or headline + images).
  • Fixed: Load summary when no internet connection or unable to get full article.
  • Fixed: Show image captions correctly.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

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