Instagram alters API again, fixes Windows Phone apps in the process


Yesterday Instagram made some innocent security fixes to their API, and to their surprise ended up angering the entire Windows Phone community. They reached out to us to address the situation, and confirm that the “update does not specifically target any particular app or platform.” Today they making more changes, but this time Windows Phone users are much happier.

Suddenly 3rd-party Intsagram apps are working again, and no one really knows why. Instance developer Daniel Gary tweeted about how he didn’t do anything, but now images are being posted without any problems again. We can also confirm that Instance seems to be up and running like normal. So why the sudden change? We have a theory.

The news yesterday did not make Instagram look very good. It wasn’t just reported on the Windows Phone blogs either, several of the big tech sites also covered the situation. We know that Instagram saw all of this, and was upset enough to send out statements to many sites (including WinSource). It’s not out of the question to believe that they made some changes to allow 3rd-party apps simply to avoid the bad PR.

The soap opera continues.

[via WPDaily]


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