Say goodbye to SkyDrive, Microsoft forced to rename service after losing trademark case


We hope you weren’t too attached to the name “SkyDrive,” because it appears Microsoft is being forced to rename the service. A UK court has ruled that Microsoft has infringed on a trademark owned by Britich Sky Broadcasting Group with the name “SkyDrive.” Microsoft has reportedly agreed to change the name, and they will not appeal the court’s decision.

A new name will not be given overnight. BSkyB will continue to let Microsoft use the name for a “reasonable period of time” as they try to rename the service. Microsoft has been using the SkyDrive name for their cloud-storage service for around 5 years now. The name has become synonymous with Windows 8, Windows Phone, and all of Microsoft’s new devices. Hopefully this brand change does not disrupt Microsoft’s vision.

The whole situation is really unfortunate. BSkyB is a television company, and therefore has nothing to do with cloud-storage. No one was ever going to confuse the SkyNews television program with an online storage service. And even though people here in the U.S. have probably never heard of BSkyB they are insisting that Microsoft change the name worldwide. Not cool.

What do you think Microsoft should rename SkyDrive? Give us your best ideas below!

[via The Verge]

  • nicole_scooter

    Why can’t I share to G+ … that just seems silly.

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    i’ve just did it… why you can’t???

  • Nobody’s going to make a feature for three G+ readers

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    Just a name. A new one would be alright.

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    Microdrive or Live Drive