How to use Kid’s Corner [Windows Phone 101]

Are you a new user? Are you trying to figure out how to use your fancy new Windows Phone? Not all of us are seasoned veterans when it comes to Windows Phone. At one time we were all beginners just looking for answers. Windows Phone 101 aims to provide answers to the simplest questions.

One of the coolest features that was introduced with Windows Phone 8 is Kid’s Corner. Essentially this feature allows users to have multiple accounts on their phone, something that not a lot of smartphones can do. The feature is focused mainly towards parents that let kids use their phones, but it can also be set up as a guest account. In this lesson of Windows Phone 101 we’ll show you how.

Set Up

First, navigate to Settings>Kid’s Corner. Flip the switch to turn Kids Corner on and you’ll see Games, Music, Videos, and Apps show up below it. In each one of these categories you can select whatever you want to appear in the Kids Corner by tapping the checkbox. Once you have chosen the games, music, videos, and apps you want to tap the launch kid’s corner.


You will be brought out to the lockscreen, and then it will slide over to show you the Kid’s Corner lockscreen. This is how you can always access the Kid’s Corner, just swipe to the right on the lockscreen. Slide up and you will be in the Kid’s Corner area.


You can customize the Kid’s Corner area just like you would the regular Start Screen. To learn how to do that see our previous lesson. Find the “Customize” tile on the Kid’s Corner Start Screen. In here you can change the name of the account, choose the lockscreen picture, and change the background and accent colors.

kidgif kidscorner2

If you find yourself switching back and forth between the Kid’s Corner and regular account often you can pin the Kid’s Corner to the Start Screen. This way you can launch right into it without having to lock, unlock, swipe over, and swipe up.

The Kid’s Corner can be a really powerful if you know how to use it. If you don’t want your kids to be buying apps from the Store, or you don’t want your friends to read your Facebook messages, it can be an invaluable tool. Do any of you use Kid’s Corner?

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