Fruit Ninja arrives for Windows Phone 8, but there is a catch


Fruit Ninja, one of the original big hit mobile games, has been around on Windows Phone for a long time. Unfortunately it has seen very few updates. Today they have announced a new version of Fruit Ninja for Windows Phone 8, which takes advantage of all the new features. But there is a catch.

First, the good news. The new Fruit Ninja app takes full advantage of high-resolution displays and fast resume. This means the game looks gorgeous, and you won’t have to wait for stupid splash screens. There are also some new in-app purchases that can be made to help you along the way. Other than that it’s the same classic addictive game we’re all familiar with.

Now for the bad news. If you already own Fruit Ninja for Windows Phone 7 you will have to re-buy the new version for $0.99. That’s only $3 total for both versions, but it’s the principle of the situation that stinks. You shouldn’t have to pay for essentially an update. The other not-so-great feature is the absence of multi-touch, which is lame for a game that requires so much swiping.

If you’re still interested in Fruit Ninja for Windows Phone 8 you can download it below for the aforementioned $0.99. It’s still a really fun, and addictive, game to kill time with. Plus you can earn some new Xbox Live achievements. No fruit is safe!

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    That sucks. The devs are not willing to work it out with you? A partial refund? anything?


    Not cool at all, having to repay and lack of multi-touch? MS should not let them get away with this