Google extends Exchange ActiveSync cut-off for Windows Phone users to December 31st


Google dropped a bomb when they announced they would be ending support for Exchange ActiveSync, the service that allows Windows Phone users to sync Google contacts and calendar. Thankfully they agreed to give Windows Phone users access for an extended period of time. July 31st to be exact. That day has come and gone, and there is still no native support for Google’s new CardDAV and CalDAV standards.

The Verge is reporting that Google has extended the deadline once again for Microsoft and Windows Phone users. The cut-off date has been moved to December 31st, a full five months from now. In that time Microsoft will continue to roll out the GDR2 update that adds support for CalDAV and CardDAV. It should be plenty of time to get the update on all devices. We’re glad Google is giving Windows Phone users more time, even if the reason is Microsoft’s wallet.

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