Hipstamatic Oggl updated to fix gear disappearance and HTC 8X rebooting

hipstamatic oggle

Earlier this week we wrote about Hipstamtic Oggl’s crippling bugs and the bad user reviews it was getting in the Store. The latest update for Hipstamatic has finally arrived, and it claims to fix all of the issues that were affecting many users. As you can see by the changelog below they had some work to do.

  • Fixed bug that was causing downloaded gear to be removed once the app is restarted.
  • Improved filtering capabilities and performance for special filters.
  • Fixed so that the caption now is posted into social channels correctly
  • Added support for disconnecting from social channels under the settings page in the app.
  • Improved performance in general but more to come for preview and rendering.
  • Fixed issues for HTCx8 that has some funky camera settings that we did not support.
  • Added a sign out confirmation message box to the Settings page

In our own testing (on a HTC 8X) the app does appear to be working a lot better. Our gears are now saving when we exit the app, and reboots have been drastically reduced. There is still a lot of work to be done to make the app fully awesome, but they are getting closer with each update. They have released two updates in the week that the app has been available. Hopefully they keep it up.

Hipstamtic Oggl or Oggl PRO (for Lumia 1020)

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