6tagram will be the first 3rd-party app supported by Instagram


The Instagram for Windows Phone Saga has been heating up again. Earlier this week Instagram made some security changes that subsequently killed 3rd-party apps, such as Instance. The next day they made some changes again, and the apps started working. Also this week, Hipstamatic Oggl, which allows uploads with Instagram’s consent, received a much needed update.

That brings us to today. Rudy Hyun, developer of the Vine app 6sec, has been working on an Instagram app. Over the last few days he’s been tweeting about it, and lately about a call he had with Instagram. According to wpcentral the results of the call have been fruitful, and now Windows Phone users will soon have an app that is supported by Instagram.

Once Rudy is finished with 6tagram he will send the app to Instagram. They will run some tests to make sure it works, check the legal issues, and then submit the app to the Store. He says that they seem to like the app. This is an awesome development, and it makes so much sense. If Instagram is not willing to develop their own app they should at least let someone else do it.

  • avi

    this is awesome.
    I like instance but it’s having a few issues because of some api and whatnot, but I’ll definitely dl 6tagram once it comes out. Oh yeah, and Rudy Hyun is an amazing dev.

  • JSYOUNG571

    I got one simple solution. Why doesn’t Instagram just come out with an official app for Windows Phone period? Why has that been so hard for Microsoft for the past year.

  • It’s not Microsoft’s decision.