Google adds more touch-friendly features to Chrome on Windows 8 tablets


If you own a Windows 8 device with a touchscreen you might find yourself using Chrome. Microsoft and Google may not get along in the Windows ecosystem, but Chrome has become more popular than even Internet Explorer. This means a lot of Windows users are using Chrome with touchscreens. Google has implemented a few touch options in later builds, and now they have some more.

In the latest nightly Canary build Google has added a new slide-to-navigate feature. The feature allows Chrome to be operates like metro IE, where you can swipe left or right to go back or forward. As someone who uses the metro IE on a Surface tablet I can attest to how handy this feature is. Google is also experimenting with pinch-to-zoom, a must have on any modern browser. Lastly, the onscreen keyboard in Windows 8 now works flawlessly in Chrome.

Check out Chrome canary below to try out these features before they make it into the stable release. How many Chrome users do we have out there?

[Chrome Canary via The Verge]

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