Hands-on with 6tagram, the new Instagram app from Rudy Huyn [Video]

We’ve been following the development of 6tagram, the new Instagram app from Rudy Huyn. Rudy is the developer who create 6sec, an excellent unofficial Vine app. His next project, 6tagram, shares a lot with 6sec, and that’s a very good thing. Rudy was kind enough to include us in the beta for 6tagram, so let’s check it out.

As we said above, the app shares a lot with 6sec. This is obvious from the second you open up the app. The interface is basically an exact replica of 6sec, but with some new icons and colors. You can still swipe to flip photos to like, comment, and share. We loved the UI in 6sec, and we still do in 6tagram.

One new feature is semantic zoom on your main feed. Semantic zoom is a feature that Microsoft introduced in Windows 8, but not many Windows Phone apps use it. Just use your fingers to pinch-to-zoom on the feed and you will see an overview of all the photos. Another feature we haven’t seen in any Windows Phone Instagram apps is video upload.

6tagram pano

A little while ago Instagram added 15-second video recording to their app. So far no Windows Phone apps have been able to add this, but Rudy used his 6sec experience to figure it out. Creating a video in 6tagram works just like in 6sec, but now you have more time. One thing that is missing is the ability to add filters to videos, but they are there for the photos.

The big question is “is it better than Instance?” At this time I would say yes, simply because it has video upload. 6tagram is currently in beta, but should be submitted soon. Rudy often tweets about his development process; follow him if you’d like to see how things are going.

  • Guest

    Can we save pictures from Instagram like in the other IG apps on WP?

  • Emiley

    Can we post pictures to our official instagram through this app?

  • Joe Fedewa