Bing Weather, Sports, News, and Finance arrive on Windows Phone 8


Every Windows 8 device comes with several stock Bing apps: Weather, News, Sports, and Finance. Microsoft has done a good job of pushing the Bing brand to new places on Windows 8, but in Windows Phone we still just have just Search. Today those stock Windows 8 apps have arrived on phones as well.


bing weather

Windows Phone already has a bunch of excellent weather apps, but we can always use more. Bing Weather features a live tile with the temperature. high/low, and current conditions. Inside the app you’ll see many features, including “feels like” temperature, humidity, wind, and of course views for hourly, daily, and radar maps. Bing Weather is a really excellent addition to Windows Phone weather apps.


bing sports

Sports apps are a little more rare on WIndows Phone, so we’re glad to have another one. Bing Sports brings you the latest news and scores from the world of sports. The scoreboard shows scores from the current season (MLB right now), and there is news to cover all sports. One cool feature is the ability to choose your favorite team and easily keep track of their news.


bing news

The news app covers all the top headlines from around the world. The design uses a lot of big photos to make it feel like a magazine. There is a live tile with breaking news alerts, but unfortunately no lockscreen support. Bing News is a beautiful app for reading the news and keeping up with everything going on in the world.


bing finance

If you need to keep track of your stocks Bing Finance might be the best app available. In the app you can see the latest DOW and NASDAQ numbers, along with graphs. You can customize the list to keep track of your companies, and there is also a news section for all the big stories in finance.

All of these apps are free and available only for Windows Phone 8 devices. All of these apps are beautifully designed, and work extrememly well. There may be better options in the Store, but these are nice for beginners. We expect Microsoft to bundle these apps on new devices soon.

  • Hmmm, Store says they aren’t available for my device…but I have a Lumia 920. What gives?

  • I’m getting the same errors on my 8X. Not sure what’s up.

  • Jackson McGough

    I pulled up the store online, and it said the apps were “No longer published”

  • Martin

    Yep available in Aus as well