Windows Phone shipments up 77% since last year, slowly catching up to iOS


We’ve got some good news regarding Windows Phone market share after the latest numbers have been released. According to the IDC, Windows Phone is up 77% year-over-year. Shipments have risen from 4.9M in 2012 to 8.7M in 2013 with almost five months remaining.

Consequently, worldwide market share has risen from 3.1% to 3.7%. Android is still pummeling everyone at 79.3%, and iOS has dropped to just 13.2%. These numbers have put Windows Phone firmly in third place among smartphone platforms. Blackberry has dropped from 4.9% market share in 2012 to a measly 2.9%.

Nokia is also a story in these new numbers. They are dominating the Windows Phone ecosystem with 83.7% of all devices sold. HTC is in second with just 8%, and Samsung follows with 6%. I don’t think many people questioned who was leading the way with Windows Phone. Nokia is quickly becoming the Samsung (Android) of Windows Phone.

What do you think of these positive numbers? Windows Phone seems to have some really nice momentum going. As more apps get released from big names the situation should only get better.

[via WMPU]

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    Or IOS is catching down to WP…..