Hands-on with the new Bing apps for Windows Phone 8 [Video]

Yesterday Microsoft released a slew of new Bing apps for Windows Phone 8 users: Weather, Sports, News, and Finance. These apps have been available on Windows 8 for a while, but now phone users can enjoy them too. I decided to download these new Bing apps to see if they are worthy of your Start Screen.

Here’s the thing about these apps: they look and work very well, but there isn’t really anything special about them. They function just like their boring stock names would suggest. “Weather” is a plain and simple weather app. “Sports” is a drop dead sports app. Of the four apps, Finance is probably the one that has the most to offer.

One cool thing these apps have is the ability to control when they update. You can choose to make them update only over WiFi, which can be great for those of us on small data plans. They all also have pretty nice live tiles. If you’re looking for just a plain and simple app to show headlines, sports scores, stock numbers, and forecasts then the Bing apps are great. There are better apps out there for power users.

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