Official Wells Fargo app arrives on Windows Phone 8


The next major app to launch on Windows Phone 8 is Wells Fargo. If you’re unfamiliar with Wells Fargo it is another banking app, like Bank of America and Chase Mobile. As the fourth largest bank in the US it’s great to finally have Wells Fargo on board for all of their Windows Phone customers. So how did they do on their first Windows Phone app?

There is nothing flashy about the Wells Fargo app, but it does everything you would expect. It allows users to check account balances, pay bills, send money, make transfers, deposit checks, and track investments. The design of the app is utilitarian, but it get’s the job done. We would like to see more WP8 features, but we will take what we can get. Download the app for free below.

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    …what!? I am in shock-and-awe because I am very happy.