HTC can’t win, replaced by Samsung as No. 2 Windows Phone manufacturer

samsung ativ s

HTC just can’t get a win lately. The once very successful phone manufacturer finds itself struggling everywhere. Over in Android Land they have amazing devices like the One, but they still can’t seem to compete with Samsung. In fact, the latest numbers put HTC behind even Sony, LG, and Motorola. Unfortunately, it’s not going much better for them with Windows Phone.

Nokia is obviously the big dog in Windows Phone. Last quarter they shipped 7.1 million handsets. Samsung and HTC are battling for second place. Last quarter Samsung shipped 1 million Windows Phone devices, HTC shipped just 400,000. Even when Samsung isn’t trying they still somehow manage to sell a lot of phones.

In an ecosystem with much less competition you would think a quality manufacturer like HTC would have it easy. Nokia is really the only one dedicated to Windows Phone, but at one point last year HTC made a real big play for Microsoft. They actually made phones with “Windows Phone” in the name. Almost a year later and Samsung has effortlessly surpassed HTC.

[via Focus Taiwan]

  • Mike E. Delta

    I seriously don’t see how Samsung could POSSIBLY have sold more Windows Phones than HTC when Samsung doesn’t even have more than 2 or 3 phones that they DON’T sell in the US that much? How does Samsung manage to push nothing but their Galaxy line and still sell Windows Phones, people don’t even know they MAKE them!! Do you understand what I’m saying??? =

  • I completely understand. I don’t get it either. It sucks because I think HTC makes much better phones.

  • TeaRunner

    Because the US isn’t the entire world. Also keep in mind WP market share is around 4% in the US. It’s in double digit territory in some other countries. WP is selling way more outside the US than in.
    HTC’s WP is pretty much a junker. Non-removable battery, 16 GB, and no SD. What good is a nice audio output if there’s hardly any room for your media? And it’s small, the price is ridiculous.
    Samsung has an ATIV S, it’s basically a Galaxy 3 with WP on it which no carrier in the US went for. Had Verizon carried it, I would have bought it instead of my 928.

  • Mike E. Delta

    For your own sake, please don’t fall into the same trap as the general population, the US is not the first and last thing whenever a discussion takes place…that was nowhere in my mind, it must be a subject of much contention for you, I suppose? Regardless, the internet owes no national allegiance and I still never heard Samsung advertise or push the ATIV phones, nor from the other international carriers. Then again, I suppose that those companies who everyone expects to collapse have been showered with more negative attention as to misdirect the market to disparage Windows Phone either way…if the comment does not make sense it’s because I’m about to get some much needed sleep. I apologize for griping =/

  • pedling

    Well Samsungs CEO told WSJ in march, that WP/RT is a lackluster, and has since dumb the Ativ RT tablet in the US and dumb the prices on Ativ S in EU…

    I got mine Ativ S in June Unlocked for $260, to compare prices with the Lumia 520 cost $200 in the Northern EU.

    So that may also explain why Samsung has sold more than HTC…

  • Sam McKenna

    I will not be purchasing and also would advise others to avoid a Htc phone like the plague. after being a htc customer since the Wildfire and htc desire (6 years).. I now have a htc 8x and i have had nothing but problems. I lost my sons first year of pictures and videos because the phone kept rebooting. i had it fixed and its happened another 2 times since DO NOT BUY A HTC .. read the internet about boot loop problem.. its a big deal and quite frank its a joke.. HTC Well done you have lost yourself what was a loyal customer.. bag of sh!t… (p.s ow the update sorts it out) NO IT DONT IT MAKES IT WORSE!!! pissed off is a understatement.. im now stuck for 18 months with a phone i cant trust to hold my data without possibly having to loose it all again because of Boot Loop Issue.. GRRRRRR

  • Sam McKenna

    i wouldnt even mind as much if there was a fix.. but there isnt i just have to mess about for 1hr plus to get it working again and then just hold my breath untill it happens again… Be advised this sint only a issue with the 8x.. ALL htc phones 2010+ has this issue… i will not trust any ciompany that can bring out multiple models of somthing with them all having a SERIOUS FAULT.. HTC BIG Fail the competition is going to leave u in there dust now because you have relied on your regular htc users and i have a big hunch you are going to loose 1/2 of them now …. (( will not be surprised if they go bust in the next 3 years))