Microsoft currently testing GDR3 with orientation lock and text syncing to PCs

update gears

Most devices don’t even have the GDR2 update yet, but that isn’t stopping Microsoft from working on GDR3. Many Windows Phone users have been disappointed by how small the GDR2 update is; it’s looking like GDR3 will have much more to offer. The Verge has learned that Microsoft is currently testing GDR3, and it has some interesting new features inside.

First on the list is an orientation lock to simply disable the screen rotation. Windows Phone is primarily a portrait OS, but some apps do provide landscape modes. There will also be some UI changes to the network status icons, and updates to the live tiles to take advantage of 1080p displays. One really cool feature that could come with GDR3 is text syncing between phones and PCs.
The Verge says Microsoft is hoping to finalize GDR3 in September, just in time for Nokia’s phablet device. The update will initially come shipped on new devices, and then roll out to current handsets before 2014. These are some exciting new features, and we can’t wait to see them on a gorgeous 5-inch 1080p display.

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