New Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard and Mouse are straight out of a sci-fi movie

sculpt ergonimic

If you like gadgets that look like something from an episode of Star Trek, you’re going to love these new accessories from Microsoft. Back in 2007 Microsoft created the “Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000.” It had a space-age name, but a boring design. Microsoft has been reinventing almost every they do lately, and now it’s time for the ergonomic keyboard to get the same treatment.

The result of two years of research and design is a sleek and modern keyboard that looks like it was ripped from an alien space ship. The mouse has also been redesigned, and it looks similarly foreign to this planet. Ergonomics have never looked better.

sculpt keyboard

The keyboard keeps the ergonomic dome shape from the last model, but comes in much, much thinner. There is a new row of Windows 8 keys that can be switched to function keys with a toggle. The number bad is completely detached, and can be moved to wherever feels comfortable. There is also a comfortable wrist rest. The mouse is rounded to reduce wrist pronation, and it has a Windows button on top.

sculpt mouse

The keyboard, number pad, and mouse will be sold in a bundle for $129.95. The keyboard and mouse will be sold separately for $80 and $60 respectively. They operate on Bluetooth with battery life measured in years: 3 for the keyboard, 6 for the number pad, and 1 for the mouse. They go on sale August 15th.


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