HTC reportedly “drifting away” from Windows Phone


Last week we wrote an article about HTC and their dwindling Windows Phone market share. In the last quarter they were passed by an apathetic Samsung as the #2 Windows Phone manufacturer. This was really disappointing to see, considering the work they put into the ‘Windows Phone’ 8X and 8S.. Regardless, HTC’s market share in Windows Phone has dropped below 5%.

Now we’re hearing a report from DigiTimes that cites “industry sources” who claim HTC is “drifting away” from Windows Phone to focus even more on Android. HTC just recently dropped out of the top 5 Android manufacturers. They just can’t win wherever they turn these days. Apparently the answer is Robert Downey Jr. and more Android.

So…what does this all mean? Regardless of the validity of the report from DigiTimes, I don’t think it’s crazy to think HTC will turn away from Windows Phone. HTC is in trouble. They don’t have washing machines and refrigerators to fall back on like Samsung and LG. They only do phones. What is selling the most phones right now? Android. Sadly, it makes sense. Despite a promising show with the HTC 8X, Nokia is still the one and only in Windows Phone Land.

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    Well this is a shame because I love my 8X. I like the Nokia handsets but their top end devices are still overweight gorilla’s. HTC offered a great alternative to Nokia better than Samsung’s ATIV which is just a re-branded Galaxy w/Windows Phone.

  • Chris

    I agree, the one thing that kept me away from a Nokia was the size. I love the size of the 8X, although I have had a few hardware issues with HTC. I can only hope that Nikia makes a smaller, lighter handset within the next year or so that I can get on board with

  • Joe_HTH

    What the hell are you talking about? The Lumia 925 is thin and light. The midrange and low end Nokia devices are also very light.
    The fact is their phones and their support are garbage. Good riddance. Anyone that buys anything but a Nokia WP device is an idiot.

  • Joe_HTH

    “although I have had a few hardware issues with HTC.”

    That’s not surprising, it’s an HTC.

    “I can only hope that Nikia makes a smaller, lighter handset within the next year or so that I can get on board with”

    Good Lord man, have you not heard of the Lumia 925, or the Lumia 520, or the Lumia 620, or the Lumia 820, or the 710, or everything. Even the 1020 is light for a device of it’s type. The only phones from Nokia that are heavy are the 928 and the 920.

  • Chris

    Well for a top of the line phone, my only option on VZW is the 928, so to your point, it’s heavy. I’ve held it and I don’t want to hold it every day. We need a lighter option, and preferably one with a smaller 4″ or so screen.