Windows Phone 7.8 users, it’s time to stop complaining


When a new app is released it’s usually only available for Windows Phone 8 devices. This has become very standard practice, and we can’t blame developers for doing so. Compared to its predecessor, WP8 is much easier to develop for. A lot of the new important apps that have launched this year exist simply because of Windows Phone 8. So what’s the problem?

Microsoft’s failed attempt to support Windows Phone 7 devices with the “7.8” software update has resulted in a small, but very vocal, contingent of angry users. With each new app that doesn’t support 7.8 they get more and more upset. We can’t really blame them for feeling left out, but it’s time to pay up or shut up.

Over a year ago I wrote a similar editorial titled Current Windows Phone Users Need to Stop Complaining About 7.8.In that editorial I argued that Microsoft was doing the same thing we see Apple do with every new release. The only problem is they flat-out told current users that they wouldn’t get features, instead of just letting them discover “hey I have iOS 6 on my iPhone 4, but no Siri!”

Of course the big difference is that an iPhone 4 doesn’t have Siri, but it can still run all the same apps as a current iPhone. The same can’t be said for Windows Phone 7.8 devices. They missed out on new features and now new apps. However, there is a big difference to note between these two situations, and it’s the reason why 7.8 users need to stop complaining.


A good Windows Phone 8 app takes advantage of several things that 7.8 can’t offer, such as fast resume, lockscreen notifications, and live wallpapers. For this reason it’s not as easy to simply make a Windows Phone app that runs on all versions of the OS. None of this is your fault, but it is your fault to still be using a 7.8 device.

Windows Phone 8 (and later 7.8) was announced on June 20th 2012. It has been almost 14 months since then. WP8 devices started becoming available on October 29th 2012. That’s a solid 9 (almost 10) months to upgrade. There has been plenty of time to join the Windows Phone 8 party, and if you’re contract isn’t up there are excellent low-end phones to pick up off contract on the cheap.

Look, I feel for you, I really do. It sucks to buy a device and then watch support end, or to not get what you were promised. Just as an Android user how that feels. But now that we’re approaching the 1 year anniversary of WP8 you really need to stop complaining and just upgrade your phone. You’re missing out on a new world of features and wonderful apps. Join us, you won’t regret it.


    ok, but when will YOU stop complaining?

  • Never! It’s my job. ;)


    LOL OK, that’s fine

  • Im not complaining,im just waiting for a PHABLET!!

  • Ahh!! How can I stop complaining when my device is still newer thank Lumia 1020? Just can’t ignore my device. What if I buy wp8 and wp9 comes out? Then ignore my new 8 again? Is that why you failing to update and fix your app’s video problems? You promised an update and I think you’ve repaired ot on Wp8 and forgotten Wp7.8 cuz you wanna force us to move?? This is not fair you know….we all use the app and we deserve equal treatment . Kinda disappointed :-(

  • How is your device newer than the 1020?

  • lol

    No clue. LSD will do that to you.

  • Ali Alsafar

    I never complained. I just realized that windows phone is not worth it anymore.

  • GogoGodzilla

    The issue is that people aren’t made of money. In the US, off contract phones are expensive as hell. The arguement could be made for a Lumia 520/620, but again, you are putting yourself in a precarious position due to 512MB of ram.

  • pliny_the_elder

    I’ll upgrade as soon as I can transfer my sms to wp8….oh wait that’s not possible!

  • That is why after wp7, i have zero interest in msft phones, same goes for xbox 360, I have zero interest in being ripped off now that the next generation of x box is coming out. Enough is enough I rather just do without. I forgot to add I bought mobile 6.1, three months after I bought that, winP 7 was announced.

  • Same here bro, I bought my Sony Ericson Aspen (WM6.5) barely 3 months WP7 was announced. Then bought HTC HD7 (WP7) barley 2 years then WP8 was announced. Mehn I mean WTF? Then they wanna make me buy WP8 and later announce WP9?? Mehn that ain’t gonna happen. Microsoft just fucks me up everytime on WP and Xbox 360. Just tired.

  • Microsoft could at least release the WP8 for one core devices to support new apps.
    I can handle not having new features, but all least provide the new API and Framework to us, to run the WP8 apps!

    iPhone 4 doesn’t have SIRI, but still support new apps… and even the iPhone 3GS still support new apps! That’s why people became loyal to Apple!

    Now what MS are doing to us is: “hey, you have spend 500 euros on a Nokia Lumia 800 a year ago, now you have to spend another 500 to get the WP8! Seriously, WTF? This device it’s great and in theory have better specs than the iPhone 3GS and 4…!!! Come one….

    I just imagine if it was apple doing this… it would be in every news like it was the Apocalypse! And not only the users hitting on Apple but also all the haters… in large numbers.

  • govind

    how can i capture my screen on lumia 510???

  • John Rambo

    I assume you live in US where you get phones on contract and you safely ignored ROW where people have bought these devices by paying the full price and phones such as Lumia 800 n 900 were really really premium priced when they were launched. so yes we have every right to complain n criticize the scumbags named MS. dont tell me crap that WP8 features are hardware dependent, ex- do u need a dual core device to be able to multiselect images in gallery?
    MS says support for WP7.8 is still on, WP7.5-7.8 brought many bugs, some functionality was broken do they care to resolve tht?

    the least they could do was offer some discount on newer devices to help ppl upgrade, no doubt WP8 share still sucks as as ppl dont trust MS anymore.
    dint ms promise WP8 to be upgraded to include missing features and now they say GDR2/GDR3 will mostly include features to support newer devices n expect ppl to wait till WP blue, and when is tht coming nobody knows.

  • salan

    I agree with the author, I need to upgrade but I will upgrade to android. LOOKING FOR the right device…

  • I’m not complaining,i just want a new device

  • Danny Boy

    you guys just need to research more. I knew these OSes were coming out way before they came out.

  • Spector

    OMG are you f-ing kidding?!?!

    I own a Nokia Lumia 900 — and, within months, I was told sorry pal, we’re now switching to WP8 and all you 7 folks are SOL. We’ll throw you a bone with 7.8 but that’s it. Done.

    The phone I had replaced? It was a Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC Touch Pro 2. With that one, again, within months of purchase, MS announced, sorry we are going to be switching to WP7 which will be amazing, but totally incompatible with WM6! But don’t fret because like Apple, MS will directly issue upgrades, regularly, for all those great new WP7 devices. What an outright lie.

    And now, MS is telling people hey, just suck it up and buy a WP8 device, and stop whining we dumped WM6, and WP7…. Like we stupid MS loyalists have amnesia or something. Apple would NEVER treat its existing customers like this! No new Apple iOS demanded wholly new phone apps be installed. The basic apps work on all operable iOS versions, new and old. Not so with “Windows Phone”. Each new update for WP demands, per se, new hardware!

    I have no doubt that if I buy a WP8 phone the same thing will, very quickly, happen. I no longer trust MS to keep its word to support its products longer than the lifespan of a fruitfly.

    It’s outrageous, and, frankly, something the author should be criticizing MS for doing — not offering them a free pass.

    When MS is desperately trying to gain market share, pissing off its loyal customers should wisely be avoided at all cost — because those customers will tell their friends about their experiences, and so on. That loss of goodwill is worth its weight in gold. Such people will go to Apple. Where at least there is a modicum of trust in long term product support.

  • Yeah, I think the only people who can complain are the Lumia 900 users. They were told “the beta test is over,” and then they got screwed. That sucks.

  • smartmouthboy1220

    what do expect!!!Microsoft is just supposed to not come out with a new os every 2 years,so that when u buy your phone LAST MINUTE ,u can feel new for 5 yrs.I think I speak for all smartphone users when I say this…I like to have a fresh start atleast every 2 and a half years.

  • plah

    As far as I know MS has promised Windows Phone 7.8 support to September 9, 2014. But seems Nokia support for Lumia WP 7.8 phones has stopped already.

  • Mike

    People have a right to complain when the phone they paid hundreds of £/$/€ for gets fucked off a year after it was released. I think people have a right to be miffed

    So YOU stop complaining about people complaining

  • Rio

    Joe Fedewa : You fuck off.

    Has Windows and Idiots have paid you to put the comment.

  • Dafd

    Nice One.

  • run

    Will you pay you my new WP8?

  • Mr Rudewords

    This article is just the ramblings of a needlessly angry fool! I want WP8 but my contract isn’t up yet. I’m not going to waste my money on a throw away phone just to satisfy your need to have people stop complaining. The real complaint is that WP8 is not supported on older devices. We don’t need to comply to your wishes. Who made you king of the world? Nobody! You are not king of anything but your own sadness. Once everyone is on WP8 you will find something else to weep about and you’ll write another useless article on that. You should be banned from the internet!

  • Petre

    LOL buy windows phone 8 – next buy windows phone 8.1 or 8.5 – next buy phone , windows phone 9 .etc

    Halooo i am not bill gates :))

  • Maryam Asif

    buying wp 8 phone after 7.8 would be like out of frying pan into the fire…who know what happens next…i would rather prefer andriod…so much money wasted…complte disappointment w 7.8…

  • Maryam Asif

    wp 7.8 are nothing compared to andriod phones…regretting my decision already..

  • Rahadian Rihadi

    What?? “Just” buy a new WP8 Phone?! WTF

  • SRK

    I dont want any new features but! 7.5 and 7.8 don’t even support USSD. That simple service can be used on a phone sold in 2001. I mean, can’t they be courteous enough to write a small script and add USSD functionality to 7.8 like they did to WP8?

  • SRK

    Nobody here has the time. We have jobs bro

  • SRK

    Man, WP7 doesnt even support USSD. Now don’t ask what USSD is? go search for it. Ignorant fool

  • Danny Boy

    Lol. Obviously, you do have the time. If you have time to read an article and reply to comments, you have the time to do a little research to see what your phone is about. Sorry, that’s no excuse. What you should have said, “nobody here WANTS to research.”

  • Son Of Belushi

    Some of the remarks here…”waaaahhh, i’m gonna get Android….meh, I’m sick and tired of 7.8, waste of money”. Waste of money? Really? Did you pay top dollar for your phone? That would be a waste of anyone’s money. Don’t want a contract? Well then you’re bang out of luck, aren’t you, but that doesn’t give you a right to moan about the cost of a phone that you went out and bought without doing your homework. You impatience has cost you, not Microsoft. I got the HTC Mozart in April 2011 and then the Lumia 920 in November 2012. That’s 18 months, a fair lifespan for any generation of modern phone. In May 2014 I’ll start looking again but if WP is coming out in November 2014, i’ll wait. That’s what sensible people do. I know that Lumia 900 owner have been screwed, and that is a shame, but nobody else has anything to moan about. When most phone companies are encouraging annual upgrades or offering very cheap long-term contracts with an upgrade in the middle, why on earth would any of you 7.5 or 7.8 owners not want to upgrade? WP8 is 15 months old now, what the hell have you been waiting for?!!!
    It’s amazing that Apple can get away with selling pretty much the same device each year as “new” because the shape has changed and the number on the box is different, but if Microsoft upgrade then you’re all up in arms. I’ll bet you sad f**** are still using Windows XP, aren’t you, and moaning about support ending for that.
    Smartphones are at the top of the pile for weeks, not years…your shiny new device WILL be superceded very soon…but WP8 has been better supported because it’s just better. If you absolutely insist on buying a new handset at the full retail price you are a fool. My Lumia 920 costed me £20 and I kept my excellent tariff running for another 18 months. £20. iPhone 5 was £60. I do not in any way regret my decision to spend £20 on an excellent phone.
    Don’t tell me “i’m wrong”; what I’ve just written about HAPPENED.

  • Mohamad Nazri Mohd. Noh

    Frankly speaking, I bought my Lumia 900 because of the hardware and the polycarbonate body which was first introduced to Nokia N9, then Lumia 800 later the Lumia 900 and so on and so forth. No doubt that Nokia manufacture great phones before Apple, Sony etc. came into the picture.

    I used to own a Compaq iPAQ H3830 running Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 very long time ago and business for Microsoft was booming as they had cornered the Pocket PC market and the support given was impeccable. Unfortunately, current products using WP OS didn’t share the same optimism as before. Though the changes of hardware between Lumia 900 and 920 are relatively minor.

    Microsoft should have given the support to Lumia users all round and not just throwing an update to a model or device specific requirement as investing on something which you need to change yearly is ridiculous. I’m quite happy with my Lumia 900 though I wished that Microsoft would be kind enough to give Lumia 900 the same treatment as to Lumia 920 which can support latest apps available in MarketPlace without changing the phone.

    Unfortunately, due to Microsoft’s direction on releasing WP9 sometime soon. I chose an Android device (Samsung Note 2) which can last a lot longer than WP OS. Customer values loyalty which, Microsoft doesn’t deserve mine.

  • Mark Atkins

    So all these people are whining that they bought a phone a month before WP8 was released? Wake up! It was all over the news 10 months before it came out! For the ones saying “Oh, I will upgrade but I’ll get an iPhone” … Hope you enjoy upgrading every 6 months! Apple bring out an iPhone every 12 months and then the S version 6 months after that ever 12 months. So between the iPhone and the iPhone S there’s a new Apple product every 6 months!

    Then Android, you’ll be lucky if you EVER get an update on it due to the way the system works.

  • Elvis Liepnieks

    That is such a bullshit I bought WP 7.8 Month ago and now you will fucking say upagarde to WP8

  • it’s your own fault. You can get a Lumia 520 with WP8 for like $50. WP8 has been out for over a year now. There is no excuse for buying an outdated product.

  • artfudd

    Easy for you to say: “ up or shut up” – but did you sign a 2 or 3 year contract to get your Windows phone 7 (later updated to 7.8), and if you want WF 8 you have to pay out the residual of several hundred dollars in order to upgrade early?

  • Globox

    You stupid asshole

  • I sign contracts just like everyone else.

  • Eazy – E

    Fuck you Joe Fedewa…

  • No Trendys

    First off Mr. Author ..Who the hell you think you are ? People have the d@mn right to speak up..! You sound like those d@mn corrupt politicians… trying to censored the internet socialist c*nt ..I bet you support Obama and his NWO plans! ….Keep up the noise this how freedom was born and Liberty prevails! Tell Windows that we demand a better product or they can go straight to HELL!!!! Power to the People and Not corporations!

  • Jeremiah Boeninger

    Such a sense of entitlement. Truly disgusting. If you don’t want to pay to keep up with technology, then stay away from it.

  • Jeremiah Boeninger

    Companies release new phones constantly, people buy new phones constantly. It’s the way it is, sadly. If people can’t afford to keep up, then it is what it is.

  • Jeremiah Boeninger

    Weeping about weepers weeping. That’s what you’re doing.

  • Jess

    Unfortunately, when it was in the shop they didn’t say “this phone will be outdated next week, buy at you’re peril!” I’ve had my phone for a couple of years and I don’t have the money to ‘just’ buy a new phone. It should just be standard to provide upgrades for all of the phones that they sell.

  • S3 owner

    What I can say… Android 2.3 device 600 Mhz 385MB ram and still running Hill Climb Racing or main android apps or many others…as the same galaxy s3 mini – JB 4.1 wich one is x5 times faster , 1GB ram dual core 1Ghz and much more features – also can run new apps like google chrome… but main think that or 2.3 or 4.1 android or kitkat 4.4 I can run game like Hill Climb Racing…as Windows Phone user if I bought WP 7.8 as same year old as that via 2.3 – i can’t simply because im 7.8 user not 8 user.. fuck u M.S. Android Rocks of its simplicity and sussport – customizations.

  • emorey

    There are so many bad things about WP :( I have the Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7.8. I am so disappointed about it… Marketplace is completely empty, new apps coming out (e.g instagram) are not compatible. Even apps like Facebook and Twitter are very bad. It’s like they are still on the 1.0 version of iOS and Android (old display, not able to send or receive pictures/stickers, no emoticons) Which make conversations look boring and sad. Free apps on iOS and Android aren’t free for WP… Then, there are several little bugs like the volume on headphones,

    And… the saddest of this all is the battery life. Even if my phone is on sleeping mode or off, my phone is out of battery before the end of the day.

    I’m moving to Samsung, by far the best phones of the moment

  • Xavier

    Wahaha. Mom got lumia 7.8 and there are lesser features than older galaxy or xperia phones. Glad my s2 still runs well on jelly bean although it started with gingerbread. I never regret it

  • saipaner

    actually, the both tmobile and microsoft stated that windows 7 would be upgradable to windows 8. i purchased a nokia 710…love the phone…it has been reliable and apps work just fine. i got it for free on contract as i was told by both parties that it would be upgradable…my contract is up and i am now in the market for a new phone. i have been in IT for 12 years…i wanted a fun phone. i was forced by my company to use blackberries since 2000. i thought it would be cool to get a cheap cool phone with a promise to upgrade…boy was i wrong. my next phone will either be an android or apple. why? i can program my way from upgrade to upgrade with android easy enough and apple may build phones like accessories but at least you can use the same apps. the biggest complaint maybe from people who have to buy different cables. windows 8 is awesome but i am afraid that i might get stuck with 8 in a year something else comes up and i can’t upgrade and back to square 1. it happen to 6.5 users, now 7, and soon enough 8. so the author should speak lightly on our complaints as they are legit.

  • Nate

    Ahhh, WRONG! The iPhones are updated once a year, normally aroudn Sept/Oct. They bring out a standard version and then, a year later, the S version.
    As for Android, at least the apps still support the previous versions, so although the phone may “never” get updated, at least I can still use the apps.

  • flowboy

    In a nutshell.. Eff Off. I only got the Windows 7.8. NL 710 in 2012 & now I have to scrap it? This is environmentally unjustifiable. Why would I trust MS not to screw me soon after I upgrade? I was the 1st person I know to go windows & sang its praises at first. If MS want to build market share then they’re going the wrong way about it. I like the interface. But there are many more things I would like about it if there weren’t so many problems with the thing which may well be due to it not being W8. I’ve come to regard all of these hi-tech toys as a trap; they promise so much & deliver so little. Seriously considering replacing phone with nothing.

  • vny

    you are such an ass. Pay for the upgrade and I will with pleasure!

  • adrot

    Meh,people complaining abou wp7.8…I have an Lumia 610.It sucks already to say it’s name!No Skype,horrible Facebook,horrible RAM(can’t play nes/gameboy games properly)and…pay apps, that are free for Android!My cousin has an Android at the same price as my phone,with beter RAM and stuff!I think I wanna switch to my Nokia 5530 XpressMusic.At least I can play GBA games,and Windows 95!Or switch to tempting Nokia XL…Suck it 3 update-fases (wait another update?WHAT’S WHIT THESES UPDATES,MAN!!!)WP 7.8!!!

  • adrot

    No excuses people,got it as a gift months ago when I wanted a 920.As somebody said…”Keep dreamin’ “…another update…GADBANG SOS OF A METAL!!!

  • adrot

    Except…getting it as a gift*insert dramatic song here*I mean,it’s like involuntary stuff going on.I still like Bounce(the char.from the photo)more than Angry Stupids,because it has exloration and doesn’t focus violence as a solution,meaning…meh stick to my old Symbian.

  • Jim Wong

    Experts agree windows phone 7.8 is the most
    f**king mobile phone OS created by f**king microsoft
    for nokia.

  • Poor person

    You obviously have a lot of money basing on the way you wrote this article. Sorry for complaining, this person without the money to uprade to a new phone obviously does not have the right to complain. Is it wrong to want your money’s worth?

  • For your information

    Such garbage. Money does not grow on trees, contrary to popular belief… It simply shows MS lacks the ability to commit to loyal customers and fans. Similar to when they came close to totally screwing themselves over with the Xbox One launch. I have no intention of keeping up with their ever-shifting bullshit. There are always other affordable and valuable alternatives as far as technology is concerned.

  • Facepalm

    You have a genuine talent for being dumb. Just put a sock in it and we’ll all be happy.

  • SRK

    How can I do find if a phone doesnt have USSD? Its a basic feature. No mobile specs website lists USSD support as it is basic.Even if you search WP7 it would not show the unavailability of USSD until you search for it specifically.

  • Trevor Bryant

    Because of this crap I’m getting rid of my 900 and buying an IPhone. What an arrogant SOB.

  • lastrhino

    Sounds like a company sponsored mobile user.
    OR one of the top end earners who don’t mind passing $450 for a new mobile every 6 months. The average Joe like me would prefer to buy a mobile that will keep up with technological advances for at least a year. Is it possible that the “boffins” are not able to keep their product updated because they ‘never thought of that angle’ and there is no way they can modify software to catch up, it has to be a new software program??
    Seems like the old ethic of looking after the customer has disappeared & an attitude of “if you don’t like it – up yours”

  • lastrhino

    Don’t move to Samsung Windows phone – it sucks!!!!!!! – I got one 6 months ago & still can’t link my gmail to the mobile – keeps asking for password even thought the same password opens the gmail on the PC. Can’t delete email account!! + many other not possible.

  • Jeremiah Boeninger

    As stated in the article, nothing lasts forever. We’re almost at the year date for WP8. Most phones that didn’t get it are considerably older. Mind you, I’m not the type to go replacing things constantly. No one likes to waste money. I’ve got a Lumia 920, almost two years old. I don’t plan on replacing it in the near future unless something goes wrong with it. That being said, it’s foolish to stick your fingers in your ears and pretend things like “A good Windows Phone 8 app takes advantage of several things that 7.8 can’t offer, such as fast resume, lockscreen notifications, and live wallpapers.” aren’t true. And 8.1 brings even more changes forward. It’s also impirtant to remember that many people can’t wait to replace their phone, it’s the age we live in and of course the actions of corporations and businesses are going to reflect that.

    I think what it really comes down to is if this is the biggest complaint in someone’s life, they’ve got it pretty good.

  • CaptainCambodia

    ignorant cunt. The rest of the world lives in countries where they DON’T sell phones with a provider contract and yes, we pay full value for the phone. And that’s the way it should be – why should the provider be able to limit your choice of phone – or why should my phone choice dictate the provider i must use?. Point being, most of us in Asia DO pay full price for (new) phones which we expect to use more than a few months before having to shell out another half grand for the latest model with support. Great to have that option – and necessary to keep in front of the tech race – but if you make a habit of shafting your customers (whatever product you sell) they become customers of your competitor. No matter how much they (used to) love your products.

  • S. W.

    I’m with you salan. As a matter of fact one just have to buy a BlackBerry to upgrade from Nokia/Microsoft

  • S. W.

    @ Joe Fedewa
    Are you serious !?!? “Pay up or shut up” If that’s your best advise you should work for president Putin.

    I have had my Nokia Lumia 800 w/Win 7.8 for 2 (Two) years. Microsoft buys Nokia and Skype and then tell us to bend over and take it like a man. Well that’s exactly where Microsoft / Nokia can kiss me. Never ever again Nokia.

    Way to go treating your paying customers Microsoft?

  • leojoe

    You son of a bitch…
    Such things don’t happen to android apps or phones….
    And U want us to pay up or shut up….
    To all the people out there….
    windows phone stinks so as the writer who wrote this article…..
    Go and buy Android if U wanna survive

  • Daniel

    But I am afraid if I change my phone to the new brand WP 8.1, the same thing will be happened, for example; you have to change to WP 11 to get all the advantages as for now we only support WP 10. I trust no more to Windows Phone, because we afraid with the new upgrade will leave us away behind as we don’t have much money like you to after the new technology/update done by the Microsoft; buy a new one if you want to experience of new environment. WP 7.8 deserve get things what WP 8.1 gets.

  • SpartaCross

    Yes, I cannot believe how incompetently Microsoft has been handling their smartphone endeavor! First, they buy NOKIA and then dump the company over the side after poaching an empty shell of a name.

    Then they alienate their own customers (brave for going with an untested platform with a severe lack of apps) by abandoning them again and again.

    Have you tried syncing a WP to your Gmail account lately?