“Official” YouTube app already experiencing problems, users experiencing widespread errors [UPDATE]

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One of the benefits of using an official app over a 3rd-party app is stability. Something can change and cause 3rd-party apps to crash, but official apps will be fine. But what about “official” apps made by Microsoft? Turns out they aren’t immune to anything. The YouTube app that Microsoft worked with Google to re-release a couple of days ago is already experiencing its first outage.

Last night widespread reports of errors in the YouTube app started popping up on Reddit. After opening the app a cryptic notification says “Something happened and we’re not sure what.” At first it was unclear whether this was a Microsoft problem or a Google problem, but then other YouTube apps started breaking. MyTube has been having the same problems, which means Google changed something on their end.

Frankly, this is really getting ridiculous. Microsoft took a long time to bring this app back. Did they forget something? We thought this was an official app, but it turns out it’s not any more reliable than a 3rd-party app.

UPDATE: The Verge has shed some more light on the situation. Google has blocked the app because it still violates the terms of use. The two companies were collaborating on an HTML 5 app, but Microsoft went ahead and re-released their YouTube app. Google says “Microsoft has not made the browser upgrades necessary to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience.

[via Reddit]

  • Mike E. Delta

    It’s freaking software you dink! Sheesh, when was the last time YOU made an app? It’s people, man…now eat it. #SoylentGreen

  • JSYOUNG571

    So glad I have an Android. Must be frustrating for you Joe Fedewa. lol!

  • I’ll just keep using MetroTube, like always.

  • pirate78

    Before the upgrade to the Windows phone I had Samsung Infuse 4g – Android … wasn’t impressed. Sure you get native YouTube app from Google and it ran most of the time but the Android part kept crashing very often. After using the Lumia 920, I am happy where I am and as for YouTube, Google wants their ads in and they were jealous that Microsoft made a better YouTube app then what they had offer on the Android, so they are being difficult.

    MetroTube is an excellent alternative and works great. I had not missed YouTube app since Google screwed it all up.

  • JSYOUNG571

    Well hopefully they do not block that application as well. :-P

  • JSYOUNG571

    Well hopefully they do not block that application as well. :-P

  • Joe_HTH

    Why is a Google shill on a Windows website? The fact that you have poor taste because you use the ugly, laggy, fragmented, and malware-ridden Android is of no consequence to anyone here. Phandroid is but a click away.

    Then again, looking at your post history, it’s obvious you do nothing but trash Microsoft all day long. Jesus Christ, go get laid. I promise if you get laid, you wouldn’t care about shilling for a company that doesn’t give a rat’s ass abouy you.

  • Joe_HTH

    Hopefully you disappear.

  • JSYOUNG571

    Oh! I am a Microsoft fan too. Been one since you were crapping on yourself in pampers.

  • Jun de la Cruising

    Microsoft can just block Chrome from being installed in Windows and redirect Google search to Bing Search which is much better.