GDR2 arrives on the HTC 8X for AT&T

gdr2 htc 8x

It’s update time in Windows Phone Land! Earlier today the Nokia Amber update started rolling out to devices, and now HTC is getting in on the fun. The HTC 8X on AT&T has started to receive the GDR2 update, and we are downloading it as we speak on our device. GDR2 offers a few nice improvements for Windows Phone 8.

This update brings the 8X up to OS build 8.0.10327.77. Some of the features you can expect are an improved music experience, better Skype integration, FM Radio, and DataSense. That last one is especially nice to see, previously only Verizon phones had DataSense. If you have the 8X on AT&T check your phone settings for the update. Anyone else get this update yet?

Update: DataSense is not present. Come on, AT&T.

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