HTC was working on a phone customization site for the 8XT

htc design studio

A couple of weeks ago Motorola unveiled the highly anticipated Moto X, and┬átheir customization website called “Moto Maker.” With this website you can create your very own personalized device by choosing colors, storage size, and engraving. It’s a really cool idea, but it looks like they weren’t the only ones to have the idea. HTC was also working on something they called “Design Studio.”

HTC originally was working on the Design Studio web app to go along with the Sprint 8XT. The web app allowed users to pick colors for the speaker, accents, top, and bottom. It also had an option for an engraving. Unfortunately plans were scrapped due to concerns with complexity. It looks like they didn’t have quite as many color options as Motorola, but it still offered a level of customization we haven’t seen in Windows Phone.

Hopefully HTC brings the Design Studio back for future phones. We would love to make our own device. Would you use a customizer like Design Studio? What color combo would you choose?

[The Verge via Phandroid]

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    grey and teal, grey and light orange, dark blue and purple, brown and cream,